Worldsourcing 2009
Halifax Waterfront

Welcome to WS09

On behalf of Balanced Viewpoint, our sponsors and our partners, it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Balanced Viewpoint Worldsourcing 2009 Conference.

In our inaugural summit in 2006, multisourcing was chosen as the core theme because it best represented a blend of synergy and innovation, challenge and opportunity. We said then that “nations, corporations and individuals informed and energized by the opportunities brought by globalization will be able to take advantage of them and flourish, whereas those who wish to turn back the clock, or who focus only on the vexation that this new era brings, face considerable uncertainty.” Even in the short intervening period since our last conference, this effect has been amplified. As technology increasingly changes the way people live, learn, work and compete, new production ecosystems are forming and radically new organizational models are being developed.

At the 2009 Worldsourcing conference, Balanced Viewpoint focuses on a number of critical elements of this new organizational transformation. From emerging markets to changing centers of economic activity to eco-responsibility and the growing battle for talent, the stakes are multiplied as barriers fall and technology intercedes as a catalyst.

The pressure to integrate into the global supply chain will continue to grow. Competitiveness will entail the combination of collaborative organizations characterized by constantly increasing levels of productivity with the productive properties of excellence and global sourcing supporting a global, extended enterprise. And as we have underscored in our research and at previous events, relentless social innovation will perhaps be the most critical success determinant in this new global environment.

We extend our best wishes for an enjoyable and productive meeting with peers and colleagues. We look forward to welcoming you to Halifax and to the Balanced Viewpoint 2009 Worldsourcing Conference.

Peter D. Lindfield
Managing Director, Balanced Viewpoint
Worldsourcing 2009 Conference Chair

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