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Delegation Group Program

Are you interested in bringing a group from your country to the Balanced Viewpoint 2009 Worldsourcing Conference? By leading a delegation, you can help your clients maximize the value of their trip to this important event by helping them plan what to see and who to meet, while arranging the logistics of travel. Balanced Viewpoint has a formal delegation program in place that provides benefits for both delegation leaders and members.

The deadline to register as a delegation leader for the Worldsourcing 2009 Conference is September 8, 2008.

There are a number of criteria to qualify as a delegation leader:

  • The delegation program is exclusive to attendees from outside the United States and Canada.
  • Delegations must consist of business professionals within the information technology or telecommunications industries.
  • Delegations must have minimum of 5 members. Groups smaller than 5 must register individually as attendees.

There are a number of features of the program specifically tailored to delegate leaders:

  • Free hotel stay (maximum of 3 days) for delegation leaders who bring 7 or more individuals to the Balanced Viewpoint 2009 Worldsourcing Conference (5 for government groups). Groups must be confirmed four weeks before the Worldsourcing 2009 Conference or rooms cannot be guaranteed.
  • Newsletter with the latest information on the delegation program and the Worldsourcing 2009 Conference, including deadlines to receive program benefits.
  • Promotional brochures and media liaison to assist in recruitment efforts.
  • The Balanced Viewpoint Worldsourcing 2009 Conference logo to add to promotional materials (marketing materials need to be reviewed and approved by Balanced Viewpoint before logo can be providing).
  • Special assistance to register delegation members online, make changes or add new members.

The benefits for delegation members are numerous:

  • List of conference delegates who have indicated an interest in outsourcing to the group's country and/or region of the world.
  • Complimentary passes to non-attending VIPs to attend the Executive Reception.
  • Balanced Viewpoint assistance with planning before, during and after the conference.
  • On-site briefing/seminar for delegates and leaders.

If you have questions about being a delegation leader or are interested in finding an international Balanced Viewpoint delegation from your country, please e-mail Balanced Viewpoint at

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